Webkite – Who we are and our Business Experience

Webkite was founded by Ned Holthouse who has had a successful history in the business landscape.

Ned and his wife Sadie Diggins have owned businesses in Horticulture, Tourism, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Automotive services spheres.

Ned also was the director of his Graphic and Web Design business, Deadly by Design from 1996 to 2007. He has imported products from China and marketed direct to Perth customers. Sadie and he have had extensive experience selling products on the Amazon US platform.

Because of Ned and Sadie’s broad expertise they have complete empathy with business owners and understand what it takes to survive and grow in the unique West Australian business environment.

They’ve had first hand experience in building websites, doing keyword research and content generation for their own businesses and experiencing the joy rising sales figures

The website we built for our acrylic fabrication business started to attract clients from Govt departments, larger mining companies and CBD corporates within 1 month! We couldn’t believe it!

Sadie Diggins

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